About the Creator

Hey babes, Melanie Gluck here- owner, founder, and creator of Hanakini Swim! Delighted to introduce myself and tell you a bit about the brand. Young and thriving, I attended FIDM and graduated in 2012 with the impression I wanted to be in the LA fashion industry doing events and PR work. Woke up one day and decided this wasn't for me and I bought a one way ticket to Europe after graduation.

My journey really began when I left my home town in Norco, California and moved to Rome, Italy for 3+ years. It's a bit of a blur but I spent the next 5 years on the road traveling to different countries around the world, made it to 50 before 30. Got a taste for what I love, and now in hindsight realize I was gathering heeps of inspiration for a future project. I made my way through the beaches of Greece, Italy, Morocco, and south east Asia, and all the way to Australia. I LOVED summer destinations and always found my way to a tropical place.

In the midst of it all I met someone who I shared a loved for travel with, he was from Maui, HI where I moved after a long road of backpacking. Hanakini came a year or so into my time on the island, for months I was cruisin' with my girl gang learning to surf, and finding the best ocean spots on the island. I found a need to have a bikini that was so many things that I couldn't find. Affordable, practical, comfortable, sizable for my latina hips, and all around versatile for being on 12 hour adventures with my girls.

In 2017 I founded the company, I still today work mostly as a one woman powerhouse but am working on growing this self-made start up. Currently every package is wrapped with love by me, and every design was inspired by somewhere special in the Hawaiian Islands. 


Please feel free to reach out, I am here to give back to you!

With love,