About the Brand

For anyone that has ever been, they know what a magical and majestic place Hana is. A coastal village off the lush green cliffs of Maui, filled with black and red sand beaches, and overflowing with diamond blue waters. Little fruit stands on every block while the scent of salt water and Plumeria fills the air. 
It is a place where cliff jumping, beach cruising, star gazing, and camping adventures begin. That is where the inspiration for Hanakini stemmed. A young lady and her girl squad on epic adventures day in and day out, drinking their favorite IPA beers. 
Based on Maui, Hanakini was designed to compliment women of all sizes on their every day adventure. From yoga to surfing, waterfall chasing, or resort relaxation- her suit can be mixed and matched for any occasion. We aim to make you feel like an absolute queen from the moment you put our suits on.
Hanakini is prided on 3 things:
1. Practical
2. Affordable
3. Fitted 
We recently began working with a manufacture who is top notch partnering with a non-profit organization, ROLE. We hope that you can find joy in ever piece we have chosen for you.
Hanakini Team